My friend came back from the east coast with a special regional bag of chips.
Hangover Burger.
My first attempt at making rainbow cupcakes.
My friend wanted me to make a doughnut cake for her fiance. I wasn't sure what that was exactly, so I improvised.
Bacon, goat cheese, mushroom and caramelized balsamic onion pizza I made a few nights ago
Ham and Swiss stuffed jalapeño pretzels.
The home made white sandwich bread that made me stop buying bread at the store. Recipe is in comments.
Savory corn muffins with cheddar, veggies, rosemary and thyme
All homegrown veggies!
Homemade fried chicken and a side of leftover mac 'n cheese both made in cast iron skillets
Handmade Italian loaf. /r/frugal told me it was easy (without a bread maker) and worth it. They were right!
My first attempt at Crab Cakes
Fried mussels in Istanbul
I work and keep weird hours but that doesn't keep me from grilling. I give you my ultimate 3am feast: bacon and stuff all the things! Jalapenos, mushrooms, green peppers with Italian sausages and a foil pack.
Pozole Verde
My lunch today, a 'bacon & blue'
Charcuterie done right. Napa, CA
Lamb, green beans and dalpninour potatoes
Making biscotti from scratch for the first time. Looks legit!
I'm 110lb and I ate it all.
Delicious salmon and tuna nigiri
Lovers of Spicy food, meet the Scoville Chile Heat Chart
Windy 30 minute drive home on back country road? Want a snack? Trader Joe's sushi should do the trick, and chase it down with some good old spiced cider... there is no way this ends badly.
First try at bibimbap, turned out great!
Just makin' smoothies [OC]
This carbonara is the tastiest thing I've ever made.
Poached pear, stuffed with chocolate mousse and drizzled with Niagara ice wine syrup.
Pancake Quesadilla
Deep Fried Cajun Firecracker Sticks with Onyum Sauce
Comfort food. CFS and Mashed potatoes. And other sides.
My first Ray fish dish
My new diet aisle
Not all smoking is bad
Crispy Fried Potato Burrito from Casa Que Pasa in Bellingham Washington (OC)
X-Post from r/funny
Just a pile of ORANGES
My 10 year old sister's famous homemade pretzels!
The perfect brunch.
Kamayan means to eat with your hands.
Banana pecan french toast