Girlfriend spent all day working on my birthday cake. Didn't expect this.
To the guy in Texas who had Chicken fried steak for breakfast - you inspired me to make it for dinner (England)..
Hey Mr. My girlfriend spent all day making a birthday cake... Here's what you could have got. ;-)
My girlfriend and I made Beef Wellington for the first time with poutine for our anniversary meal. Think it turned out well!
Mini pineapples in Japan
I made chocolate cupcakes with brown sugar cinnamon espresso Swiss meringue buttercream!
German Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars
Homemade Vanilla Slice and Fresh Berries
First go at roasting a pork belly! What do you guys think?
Espresso served in triple chocolate coated waffle cones.
I made some tempura battered soft shell crab tacos last night.
With Chicken Fries and Surge making a comeback, let's get PB Crisp!
Garlic shrimp
Chocolate Cake with Mascapone Kahlua Frosting, no fondant
Made carnitas for the first time. So good
Some good ramen
I made a couple cheeseburgers for dinner.
Venison meatloaf that I harvested myself wrapped in a lattice of applewood smoked bacon.(before cooking) Simply divine!
Double Double Animal Style w/ Fries - A reason in itself to visit the West coast
Panagel... inside out bagel panini
Just some roast beef I made.
Homemade Gumbo and Sticky Rice. [2448x2448][OC]
Greek Salsa Chicken
This seems a little different than what I usually see on this subreddit, but I made a hamburger at work.
SO made this Turkish dish called Dolma, it was delicious.
Omurice Lion
Surf & Turf - Grilled Venison and Steamed Blue Crab
pizza Margherita in the heart of naples
My hand at Gordon Ramsay's Sticky Lemon Chicken
Melt-In-Your-Mouth Slow cooker Chicken
Cantaloupe panacotta with minty strawberries and whipped cream.
Today I found a strange lemon...
HELP!! Overload of CSA veggies and no idea what to do with them...
As a college student, this has made up a lot of my meals in the past few months. I present, the walking taco.
Goodnight r/food
Full English Breakfast
Huge Paella in Valencia (Spain)
Stellar Smoked Spare Ribs Achieved (with a side of Butter-soaked Acorn Squash)
Falafel and a Caesar mmmmmm
Chicken Bacon Jalapeño Pizza
From Mario Batali's Instagram.
Rum & Nectarine French toast with Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough
I heard you dig tiny pineapple.... Tineapples?
The year I won Easter - peanut butter and white chocolate nests with yoghurt berry eggs.
WTF is this? (I think a kind of Okonomiyaki, but not sure)
This melon is $252 (X-post r/VeryExpensive)
Am I the only one who wants to just eat the entire jar with a spoon?
The classic Cheeseburger, nothing fancy.
Country fried steak. Normally I like it for breakfast, but this steak from yoders in FL was absolutely incredible
My daughter's birthday cake. I just finished making it. She's gonna flip!
Made an attempt to create a gyro