I just absolutely love real New York Pizza
European Pancakes
Homemade curry puffs from my amazing Malaysian aunt.
My wife made her first pizza completely from scratch!
BBQ chicken, bacon & gouda pizza from scratch.
You guys ever grill on a Himalayan salt plate? Cobia fish accompanied with Savignon blanc from Castoro
And so it begins
Chiles Rellenos
Apple Donuts from Carter's Mountain
My favorite sandwich to make while drunk. Pastrami and provolone on rye
Decided to give a peanut-butter stuffed chocolate-chip cookie recipe a go. Cross section. What do you guys think?
Carbonara with braised kale
Could eat this for every meal
They call it the Tony Bennett.
Made this for my blog tonight: Fried Calves' Liver Pizza with Arugula, Caramelized Onions and Balsamic
I also make breakfast sandwiches.
Ain't gonna lie...I'm scared
This is how they make burgers in Chihuahua Mexico. Enjoy!
8 oz. Angus beef burger topped with bacon and Havarti cheese on a toasted garlic-buttered English muffin
My attempt at a Hawaiian pizza
Steamed buns with whirlpool-poached eggs, onion soubise, and double-smoked bacon (details in comments)
My first cast iron dish, lemon rosemary chicken with red potatoes and cremini mushrooms.
We Made A Dragon Egg Frittata (Ostrich)
Free burger at The Habit of La Quinta and 100% of the proceeds go to charity.
Dinner for two
It really isn't pretty, but here's my second attempt at a super spicy homemade curry. Any tips?
For my 5th cake day, I made burgers (recipe in comments)
First Chili of the Season (Recipe in comments)
Found a YouTube recipe for crab curry. I think it turned out pretty good!!
Grilled Turkey burger basted with Caribbean jerk sauce, covered with avocado pico and cheesy red potatoes
Braised beef short rib, my own recipe
Any Venture Brothers fans?
Adobera cheese
pretty garden fresh salad
Made my husband fun-shaped pancakes today. A hearty breakfast of toast, bacon, and boobs.
Truffle salami on toasted fig and walnut bread.
I love you too, Mortadella Bologna
Halloween pumpkin... Kit-Kat!
Breakfast in a (three-star) Krakow Hotel
Apple spice and everything nice, cupcakes.
Wing bar BK NY
Cooked a little bacon this morning.
Banana for scale
Southwest chicken skillet (recipe in comments)
The best pizza I ever ate, 4am Delivery in Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro
A side of bacon