She asked for the biggest pizza they had
Just had the best Lobstah roll at the Bear Claw in Falmouth, Massachusetts. It's a road-side stand in the parking lot of a pub. No mayo! Just melted butter and celery salt and I added some Tobasco. So fresh and tasty.
Stuffed Crust Pizza.
This is my favorite meal to make and eat!
Nobody on our beach vacation will eat my ceviche because it's
300$+ worth of lobster
Fresh Madeleines
Chicken Fajitas [OC][3856x2812]
Made my first pork loin today
THATS a steak.
I found this usefull chart comparing smoke points of cooking oils
My friend got this birthday cake, I'm impressed!
Perfect cookie dough to ice cream ratio.
My take on Pad Kee Mao
Chipotle weights like 2lbs.
18 y/o European being home alone for 3 weeks, decided to try out those