Sunday Night Dinner - 7 hour Bolognese on top of hand-pulled bucatini
I got asked several times if this was a Godfather cake. (OC)
Homemade Animal Style Fries
Great pizza I had while in London
Homemade Steak, Mushroom, and Gouda Omelette
Home grilled rib eye
My girlfriend recently opened a chocolate business here in Brisbane. They are pretty delicious.
Japanese kuro burger from Burger King
First attempt at sous vide steak
A styrofoam cup of ceviche at local Colombian place were I was only gringo
N Thailand delicacy Mod daeng aka Red Ant Larvae..who's tried this?
Chocolate chipotle rubbed wings smoked over Jack Daniels hickory. Finished with a sweet BBQ and sriracha sauce.
fish market in vietnam
Pork tenderloins with a red wine mushroom sauce. Yukon gold and cauliflower mash. Squash and asparagus stir fry.
Simple charcuterie and world class duchesse de bourgogne
Carbonara tonight!
I highly dislike seafood but I enjoy fixing elaborate salmon recipes for my husband.
Eggs Benedict and a Bloody Mary.
Just some nicely seasoned steaks on a grill.
double black bean egg in a hole sandwich [7]
Being someone that needs spiciness in all his foods, this condiment made me especially excited.
South African biltong
Minty orange taters
Made Pupusas for the First Time! Easy and Delicious
Corn thins: The real apocalypse survival food
Texas style briquet made by a friend. Wrapped in bacon smoked for sixteen hours. Served with made from scratch tangy barbecue sauce. Heaven.
Mushroom white wine pork chop with fondant potatoes.
The chocolate chipotle wings, sauced with sriracha BBQ sauce.
Made Eggs Benedict for brunch today
Hash House a Go Go, Las Vegas
I made pumpkin gnocchi with sage butter for lunch.
Is this real because I would definitely try it!
Brain cheese anyone? (Recipe in comments)
Meat curtains
First try at donuts! They taste great, but how do I get them to cook without browning so fast?
Homemade Apple Pie [OC]
First time smoking a duck.
Today I made: sweet potato risotto with bacon and blue cheese
My husband made a soufflé!!
Tritip is the best!
My first plated desert as Pastry Chef Homemade Snickers with Sugar tree and Chocolate decor
Rego Park Deli (X-post r/FoodNYC)
Bacon-hotdog-burger-turtles...better then it sounds!